Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Affects The Search Engines - Social Media

In the online world, Search Engines are critical. Knowledge of Search Engines form an important part of Social Media professional's  day to day activity. It is critical that you understand what a Search Engine is looking for and how best you can make use of the opportunity. While you do understand the important criteria of the Search Engine you need to keep in mind that the algorithms are updated and changed constantly. Hence what may be true today may not be so correct to use in the near future, or may not be so important in the near future. A classic example of this was Panda which was brought in by Google. Panda was claimed to be a more sophisticated and intelligent way to diagnosing what is a healthy Site / Blog / Social Profile Page / Link and what is just spam.

Search Engines are programmes, they are scripts, they are not human. Keeping this in mind here are a few pointers for you to get a brief understanding on what affects the Search Engine and how your Content could affect your ranking on the Search Engines.
  • Though algorithms change there is no doubt that the quality and health of your Site / Blog is crucial. When we refer to health we are talking about the Content and the Frequency of Posts.
  • If there are more people visiting your Site / Blog the the algorithms understand that this would be a healthy Site.
  • If there are more people sharing to your Posts then this is a clear indication that the Posts are good.
  • If there are people linking to your Site / Blog then again the Search Engine understands this as a positive sign.
  • You will need to fix your KeyWord selection. It is essential that you start to identify a limited number of words as KeyWords.
  • Search Engines also look at MetaTags. This is Off - Page SEO. Your MetaTag of Headlines, Descriptions, Labels etc are critical factors. They direct and entertain the Search Engine Crawlers.
  • The images that you may upload are another crucial factor for Search Engine Indexing. The names of the Images should be based upon KeyWords that you would have selected.
These are some of the pointers that could help you in understanding what does a Search Engine look for normally.

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