Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogging Is Extention Of Your Brand And Business - Social Media

Blogging is a critical part of Social Media. Blogging enables you to establish and position yourself / your Brand / your Business. Your Blog represents you and your Brand. Neglecting this aspect of your Social Media could be a little dangerous.

Here are few of the parameters that you may want to keep in mind:
  • Keep your content new and fresh.
  • Keep writing. The more you write the better you get. You improve in your writing skills and you get more traffic as well.
  • Use of Keywords is crucial.
  • Do respond and encourage interactions. It is critical.
  • Be consistent. Do not neglect your Blogging Posts dates.
  • Frame out what your Blogging will represent and stand for.
These are few of Blogging parameters. What are yours - do share here.

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