Saturday, September 10, 2011

Search Engines Technical Limitations - Social Media

Understanding the Search Engine could be advantageous for you. Search Engine Optimization is the process of building your Blog / Site / Social Profile in a way such that the Search Engines can easily find them. This in turn will get them on higher ranks and thereby much easily and quickly available to humans.

Since Search Engines have certain limitations. It is essential and advantageous for your to know these limitations.
  • Search Engines programmes can read text not images, animations and forms. Hence what is behind these is left out. This means that having your Site with flash could be a little hassle or an image which does not have an appropriate name may be ignore.
  • A Link structure that is not developed well and is broken then the Search Engine will overlook this.
  • Usage of terms that normally your Target Audience does not use will be negative for your. For instance if people are used to searching for TV and you are writing television then the Search will not throw up your Blog / Site / Social Profile.
  • Similarly language matters. If you have French Site and your real Target Audience is Japanese then again this stands to be a problem.
  • The most critical factor is quality of your content. Ofcourse the Search Engines cannot understand the content and hence cannot know if the quality is good or bad. Thus they get to know this via the traffic, links and comments on your Blog / Site / Social Profile. So greater your traffic, the better your Blog / Site / Social Profile is rated.
These are few of the suggestions in understanding the limitations of Search Engines.

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