Thursday, September 15, 2011

Social Media For Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing or Chain Marketing means that the sales persons are not only compensated for the sales that they make but also get the commission on the sales that their recruits or down-lines make. Multi Level Marketing is also popularly known as Network Marketing.

In this format one person can do sales from their end as well as recruit a team of persons under them so that this team in turn makes sales. The top person who created this team earns from the sales of their down-lines as well.

The amount that one would earn as commission and the level of people as down-line is fixed and determined by the main company whose products are being sold and who is the ultimate pay master to this entire networking programme. Many a times you can have unlimited down-lines, however some companies profess that you need to have limitations therein.

Have you considered having a Social Media Platform for Multi Level Marketing?
  • You can set up a Facebook Page for instance and have people join you there. Imagine a Facebook Page can be your one point contact wherein you can have your team touching base with you with their questions, asking you on what best is to be done and so on.
  • This same space can be used to execute your motivational strategy as well wherein you can encourage your team to move ahead and take more challenging sales route.
  • With Facebook as one of your marketing extensions you can safely put up information and latest news at one centralized Page on the internet which all can subscribe to.
  • If you have a rewards programme you can put up the winners and encourage others to gear up as well on this one Facebook Page.
  • If you want to send out an urgent sales offer then this too can be done on your Facebook Page.
So while you can have the rest of your marketing strategy and media playing along a Facebook Page will enable a great method to connect with your Sales Force.

Add to this you will be easily found on Search Engines as well. So go on if you are into Chain Marketing then try out a Facebook Page. Remember it takes time, energy and dedication along with consistency.

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