Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick SEO Tips - Social Media

SEO is becoming more and more complex as many people demand that their online presence have the SEO inoculation. SEO is to be done to your each and every online presence, however it need not become a night mare.

Here are quick tips to enable your SEO endeavor:
  • Use your KeyWords sparingly but definitely consistently. Use the right Keywords in your content, headline, sub-head, URL and links as well.
  • Do not over stuff with KeyWords. Search Engines recognize this and flag such Sites / Blogs / Pages. Some you may stand a chance of being banned as well. To the extent use KeyWords while saving and naming an image as well.
  • A very important part of SEO is page - loading. It is critical that your page loads fast. This is not a new entrant in the SEO category. This parameter has been there now since over a decade sine the time people were struggling with website designing.
  • Use re-directs with a little more creativity. It is a good idea to construct your 404 and such other error / re-direct pages well in advance.
  • Trust towards your Sites / Blogs / Pages has a direct relation with the ranking. If your site is not anonymous, if it shows real people running it and the intention of its existence then people will flow more towards you and share more of your content. This creates the Search Engines to understand your Sites / Blogs / Pages as good and genuine.
What are your tips for good SEO?

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