Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Do People 'Like' And 'UnLike' On Facebook? - Social Media

When people 'Like' a particular Page on Facebook they are expressing the fact that they want to 'connect'. Connecting with your Page does not always mean that you are really liked or people are passionate about you / your Brand / your Business. For instance people could have connected to voice a grievance as they may have not as yet got a suitable reply from your customer care, or from the number of emails that they may have sent to your office.

What this Post goes on to share is that there are number of reasons why people connect with
you / your Brand / your Business Page on Facebook. It is essential that you understand these reasons and behave in tandem with them.

There are a couple of reasons why people would 'Like'
and 'UnLike' you / your Brand / your Business Page on Facebook:
  • They most certainly do not wish to be bombarded with your rantings and sales messages.
  • They do not want you to interfere into their Wall on Facebook especially when they are not really active on your Page. If they are active then it is good to be occasionally conversing.
  • People join to have exclusive information. Give them the privileged of knowing things in advance and before hand. Let them be the first to know and let them feel they belong to your Community.
  • They join you to have special offers and discounts that others may not be able to avail if they are not on your Facebook Business Page.
  • If you have a celebrity Page then people join so that they can interact with the celebrity.
  • They definitely would not like you prying onto their friends and Network.
  • Please note that there are certain set of mindsets that would like to be associated and have the expression of joining a particular Page. They are not expecting discounts and other perks.
  • Some join so that your Page could be seen on their information and Profile Page. This takes place if your Page holds esteem value. If your Page is what people want to be seen with then they will join.
  • Sometimes people join so that they can share your information in their Network. They feel that the information that you Post is good and valuable for their Network.
  • If people are not aware of 'why should they join' then perhaps they do not see the reason to join and the subsequent action is that they do not join.
What are your reasons to 'Like' and 'UnLike' the Pages on Facebook?

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