Sunday, October 30, 2011

Social Media Spammer

Social Media is an amazing space. Here you will find folks who promise a huge Fan Following for you. No doubt there are people who can do this however there are people who merely are scamming around and / or having bots. The result is that your Page / Blog Site has an overnight fame and then it eventually vanishes. The whole idea of Social Media is to grow slowly and chronologically and then to sustain this. The rush to achieve more people in a short span of time is understandable however keep a lookout for people who can give you false promises.

Here are some people that you may want to check in a little more detail before you give your project to them:
  • You could be promised that they will get you a great following. One of the most simple method for you is to check their own Social Media Page and see the following that they have. If they can get you 5000 people then why do they on their own Page have very few following? You need to get a clarity here.
  • It would be great if you could request references and know what people have to say. Today with LinkedIn and such other platform it is easy to request for references the question is why has your expert not got any.
  • Social Media requires a strategy. This is part of the whole strategy. Strategy depends on individual case. Strategy comes from understanding Mindset of Target Audience, Competitors, the Product Category and the Brand.  Hence being sold on a package does not really hold good. If there are ready made packages then how do you say that there is strategy in this.
  • Beware of people who at the first instinct say that you need to be present on many Social Media platform. Ask them what is important to spread thinly or to go deep.
  • It is always a good feeling to have lots of Followers and Fans. The question here is how many are your core real target is important. The question here is quantity or quality?
  • If they claim that they will get you your Competitor Community Members in a month's time you need to perhaps be afraid. You could get banned.
  • Being active on Social Media is different from generating leads and Business.
  • If you are being promised of viral spread be very careful. Id it a 20 minute of fame only that you are being promised?
  • Social Media is an extension of your Brand Personality. If people do not take time out to understand your Brand and its environment then how will they Post / Behave as per your Brand Personality?
  • If you are being told that more the number of Fans and Followers - this will create more sales. You need to re-think did this person understand your Business?
  • If your person has not asked on who your Target Audience is and what is your Market then you need to re-think; is this the right person to handle your Social Media?
  • If they are starting without having a mutual agreement on how will they tackle negative comments then you need to know that you are not in safe hands.
  • If your person has no clue on how to monitor your Social Media then you need ask the person for a format they follow.
  • It is important that your Social Media personnel has had a good discussion with you on Keywords and SEO.
What are you pointers - share them here.

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