Saturday, November 5, 2011

The New GMail Look - Social Media

GMail has recently rolled out the new look. This is available to everyone. You can revert back to your previous look of GMail if you wish to. This option of reverting back is temporarily. Later on your GMail will be having the new look.

There are a couple of new functions / changes that the New Look of GMail brings with it:
  • You can re-size your Gmail. This means that you can have a condensed or a free look of the same. This works well for people using mobile hardware. Now the new GMail fits into your window size. If you have touch screen then the New Look re-sizes to fit well for ease of read and use. 
  • A much cleaner version has come on board. 
  • You have the Chat and Labels adjustable. You can size them as per your usage. Labels are moved to the top as a Tab for ease of use. 
  • You can select images. This is similar to the previous GMail. The difference is that they are high definition for impact level. They are easy on the eyes. 
  • When you view your Emails you will notice that they have been redesigned, making it feel more like a conversation. The people included in the conversation can be found on the right, appearing just as they would in GChat with their status. This way you get the actual feel of conversation.
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