Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick SEO Tips For Google+ On Social Media

With Google bringing out the Google+ Business Pages it is clearly understood by many that you will have a heads up on the Google Search aspect. While there is no such certainty what perhaps you need to do is take care of your SEO when you are working on your Google+ Brand / Business Pages.

What you need to look at and pay extra attention to is:
  • When you Post on Google+ make it a point to have the Public Visibility on. This option will be visible to you in your Conversation / Post section when you type your Post. When you make your Post Public you are informing the algorithms on the Google Search Engine that your Post is open to being indexed.
  • Your Circles in Google+ also hold a very huge cue on your Post being indexed. While you do need to have the Public Visibility it is a good idea to have your Circles also marked onto your Posts. The reason being that when your Post gets on the feed of your Circle Members there is a huge chance of their interaction as well. When they interact it increases your chances of being indexed and thereby your rank goes higher up on Google Search.
  • It goes without saying that your Google+ Profile needs to be complete with the right usage of Keywords.
  • Using direct Links from the source is always better than having URL Shortners. 
  • Participate in conversations in Google+. This is again a criteria that increases your authenticity. Use of the right Keyword and no spam is the requirement that Google Search drives towards.