Sunday, November 20, 2011

Facebook Tracks Your Online Journey - Social Media

Unlike Google, Facebook does not always share how they track users in the online world. However this time they have shared a little on what their modus operandi is to track various users. 

Here it is:

Facebook identifies two types of users:
  • It uses different tracking methodology for persons who have signed in and are using their accounts.
  • And a different one for persons who have logged-off and are non-members.
The modus operandi:
When you arrive on any Facebook Page for the first time
it delivers cookies in your browser. If you do sign-in for the Facebook account, it inserts two types of cookies. Incase you do not set up the account then it inserts only one of the two cookies.
The tracking starts off almost immediately. When you visit any Website or Blog that has the Facebook Plugin your visit is recorded since the cookies which are already installed initiate the recording. The individual details of your computer, IP address etc are recorded. The date time etc are also recorded.
The log that records your past 90 days of activity are kept. Activities older than 90 days are deleted.
If you are logged into your Facebook account, then your name, your email address, your friends and all of the other data in your Facebook profile get recorded. 

Data about web searches and browsing habits could be used to figure out political affiliations, religious beliefs, or health issues about consumers.

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