Friday, November 25, 2011

Prepare Your Client For Social Media

Your Clients need to be prepared for the Social Media that you are proposing to do for them. Social Media is a relatively new zone and hence it is best to bring your Client up to speed with what you perhaps are thinking of doing with their Business / Brand on the Social Media Platforms.

By sharing with them your thought process you will be able to reduce their anxiety and and not make them feel that you are working in isolation. You will need to plan with them on what you will be doing. Working on Social Media could leave you a little exasperated if later on the Client may turn around and state that they too could have done similar matter. They may want to know what you have brought to the table - what value you have brought for the money they have spent. They are right when they want to know what you have done. Hence you will need to do the below so that both, you and your Clients are on the same Page. Here are some of the pointers that you and your Client need to be specific about:
  • Inform them what Posts are, how do they take place, why should you Post and so on. Brief them that while it may be easy the continuity and consistency is what takes time and hence you step in. Educate them and share with them the details.
  • You will need to clearly define the objectives of the Social Media Campaign before you start. This will need to be integrated into their complete Marketing effort. It is important that all know what is required, how this will take place and what probable results are to be expected.
  • Understand the Brief well. You need to take care of the Brand Personality, the Competitors, Target Audience and so on. Understand the tone of voice that you are to apply. SEO and Keywords are to be discussed in depth as well.
  • Clearly identify what are the measurable in terms of ROI. What may be ROI for one Brand may not be similar for the other. You will face the typical argument of the number of Likes versus the earnings of your Client via Facebook. One needs to consider points like while there may not see returns on immediate basis at times, the Community on Facebook is potential Customers.
  • Do make it a point to explain and mutually agree on how your Client and their Team will be of help to you. In the eagerness of taking the project do not neglect the fact that together with the Client you and your task will see success.
Put yourself on the other side and see how best you can help your Clients to understand and enhance the Social Media Campaign. 

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