Monday, December 5, 2011

Get Traffic And Retain Them On Google+ For Social Media

Google+ is one more feather in your cap on the Social Media front. The question is how should you get more Traffic to your Google+ Page? Also what should you do so that they do not 'Un-friend' you.

Here are a couple of points that you might want to work towards so that your Google+ Pages have a good Traffic flow which you can retain as well:
  • Remember to update your Profile Page. Have an appropriate image and proper Bio-Data. Use Keywords wisely and sparingly.
  • Have Content that matters. Make your Content SEO based. Google+ gives a good opportunity to write in-depth Posts. This is a great opportunity to put your thoughts across. 
  • Make it a point to have your Google+ Link across all your other outlets and Customer Touch-Points. Mention your Links on your Blog, Site, other Social Media Platforms, Offline Communication like Press Ads., Hoardings and so on. Have your Link mentioned in the retail stores that you might have.
  •  If you have a Blog it would be great if you can write a quick Post about your Google+ Page. The way you went about creating it, what can be found on your Page and so on.
  • Utilize the Google Direct Connect. Linking from that page to your website and vice versa. Have the Google+ Badge on your Site and Blog. This way you are informing Google of your Page's relevancy and authenticity.
  • You can suggest to your existing Audience to share your Page in their Network.
  • Use Circles appropriately and utilize the HangOuts well.
How do you attract and retain your Google+ Traffic?

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