Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does Social Media Have Bleak Future?

Social Media was a big riddle sometime back. It still remains a little riddle for many people. There are many questions that you will come across while dealing with the Social Media Plan. There will be questions when you will be executing your Social Media Plan as well.

The persons who are already in the Social Media field will be able to sharpen their skill and increase their experience. As time goes by there will be many Service Providers joining the Social Media wagon. Similarly the demand will also grow. There will be many more Organizations looking at capturing their Target Audience. Apart from the Organizations there will be many more Freelance Professionals who will be utilizing the Social Media Platform. Small Business will enter and test the waters as well.

With the increase in requirement the Social Media Professionals will require to hand hold their Clients. Training will be required. As many would not like to be in the dark on what will take place and how things would be done. The various persons at the Client side will require a quick course on what Social Media is and what it is not.

There will be many divisions involved like the Creative, Technical, Data Analytic and Content Management personnel. The team will require to work in tandem with the Marketing Plan. Your entire Social Media execution is to bring alive the Brand Personality.

With an increase in the supply and demand the Companies will be asking for ROI. Given that ROI is always crucial one will have to decide on what kind of ROI is required. The measuring is to be on realistic methods. There cannot always be same formula for all Social Media efforts. One needs to know what they are looking for and what they are seeking from the Social Media venture. It is critical to jot down the desirable call to action.

There will be many more Consumers / Customers seeking to join Pages on the Social Media Platforms. Thus the Social Media Platform will soon be more into Customer Service. On this Platform
Consumers / Customers will seek information and news. 

Consumers / Customers increasingly dependent on the Social Media Page CRM [Customer Retention Management] Programmes will be able to run. The core mode of operation would ofcourse be elsewhere as CRM needs lot more technical and data support. However a part of CRM will absorb the Social Media constituent.

If handled well your Social Media venture could become an amazing source of Customer testimonials. A good word from your
Consumers / Customers can always be used to showcase.

All this will bring about a much better clarity on Consumer Insights. Consumer Insights is the driver of all activities. This will come across with a better perspective.

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