Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Increase Your Facebook Page Post's EdgeRank - Social Media

Ever wondered if your Facebook Posts are reaching all of your Facebook Page Members? The fact is that though your Facebook Page may have lots of 'Likes' your Posts may not be reaching most of them. Yes 'most' of them. The reason is EdgeRank. While Google's search algorithms are well kept secrets Facebook is transparent about the algorithms that it uses for Posts of Pages to appear on the Feeds of the Fans / Community Members.

In short you need to combat EdgeRank in a good and ethical way.

Here is how you can improve your Facebook Page Post's EdgeRank:

  • First thing first, you will need to have consistent content that is relevant to your Facebook Page Members. You need to know and understand what is it that your Members are seeking from your Facebook Page. The reason why they have joined your Facebook Page.
  • Next is the most critical substance: Images. Your Posts should have most of the time Photos. It is proven time and again that the human brain picks up images much faster. This means that it not only notices but also interprets and gets a little more retention in the mind. Add to this it has an eye stopper impact. So when people scroll down their Facebook Home Page Feeds they tend to look at images a little more.
  • Posting Image Album is a good idea so that the space occupied in the Facebook Home Page Feed ends up being a little more. Plus it has a reason for your Members to check out each Photo.
  • Your Photos need to have a good story to it and a little good execution as well. The Photo quality matters as well.
  • You can upload Audio/Video as well. Remember to have the Thumbnail well done up. It is important that you have  a Thumbnail and not a black box.
  • Ask A Question. Many a times there are people who join a certain Brand / Business to gain information and knowledge. They are the most likely ones to answer.
  • Use Fill In The Blanks. This is another great interaction tool.
  • Remember that most of the persons will be viewing your Posts on their Mobile Devices. So be careful of the structure and length of your Posts.
  • When your Members Comment on your Posts you need to answer. You are to encourage interaction.
  • You can have Contest and Games. This is good, however please note that this is extremely delicate. Facebook could ban your Page if you go against their rule. Facebook has its own rules and guidelines on what you are allowed to do and what will get your Brand / Business Page banned. The rules are not too difficult to understand however they end up making you ask what then can you do. Banning of your Page can be a little troublesome for you, reason being that you may find it difficult to get your Page back.
If the above is done on a consistent basis only then you will be progressing towards improving your EdgeRank. In this way your Facebook Page Posts will be more visible on Facebook Home Page Feeds of your Members.  Thereby you get more exposure and will have good Acquisition, Retention and Bonding with your Members.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How To Spread Your Facebook Page URL And Twitter Handle - Social Media

Incase your Facebook Page and your Tweets from your Twitter is not being spread around or heard well, then, here are couple of spaces where you can add your Facebook Page URL and your Twitter Handle:
  • Insert on your EMail below your Signature
  • Put the Twitter Handle on your Facebook Page in the About Section
  • Put the Facebook URL on your Twitter Page in the Description Section
  • Sparingly mention your Handle and Facebook URL when you write your LinkedIn Credential Part
  • Incorporate the two on your Visiting Card 
  • Incorporate them on all your Offline and Online Communications like advertisements, Press Releases Etc
  • Place them in the most visible position on your WebSite and Blog
  • Place them as Signature on your SMS and when you send out EMails from your Cell Phones
  • It would be great if you can generate  a Q R  Code as well
  • Have them as Signature in your Forums as well
  • Write a Blog Post for them mentioning what people will find if they join them
  • Request your existing Network to share and spread them

Your Turn, add to this List!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Momentum And Ripple Effect In Social Media

There are several reason why Social Media is attempted by Brands and Business Houses. In order to build a Relation with the Audience, Social Media is usually built into the Marketing Strategy. The desired result could be many. While working on Social Media Pages like Facebook have you noticed when do your Members really start to Interact with your Posts?

You may have initiated your Social Media Page from its initial concept stages. Is it that the moment you did your first Post there were responses from all of your Members? Not most of the time.

Getting responses and having your Members interacting with your Posts is all got to do with the science and logic of Momentum. The term Momentum signifies a gradual movement. The term further means that it has a self multiplying effect either in circular or linear method. It gets affected by external and internal matter. It also has a ripple effect. Easy? Lets add to this: If the velocity is huge then the Momentum will not come to an immediate stop; you can gradually end it though.

Translation into Social Media - Momentum Effect:
When you start with your Members they may not respond and interact immediately. Interaction takes time. It needs a lot of time, energy and thinking investment. It is only when your Page Posts are seen a lot [not being nuisance though] you will notice that your Members participate with you / your Posts. The reason could be familiarity. The reason is also when they see how the other Members who interact are treated well by your page then they feel confident and get encouragement to interact. 
Translation into Social Media - Ripple Effect: As the Momentum gets more velocity there will be little Ripples taking place in the form of the Network of your Members start to notice your Page Posts. This Ripple effect ends up getting you more Likes and hence more Members onto your Page.

What do you think of the Momentum and the Ripple Effect? Your turn.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How To Use Frequency As Your Tool In Social Media

Do you consider Frequency as your important tool to get interaction from your Members in Social Media? Well consider this:

You Posted great matter on your Facebook Brand / Business Page. However it did not reach to all or most of your Members. Reason of not reaching could be plenty. Some of the reasons to not reach could be:
  • You have Posted when your Members were a little busy.
  • You have Posted when your Members are not near Facebook.
  • Members have already blocked you as they are tired, thankfully they have not as yet un-subscribed.
  • Facebook EdgeRank.
What do you do? How do you try to get yourself visible.
In Social Media we tend to have a very fine line between repetition and nuisance. You will need to find out where exactly to stop. Frequency can be a great tool in Social Media. However repeat in a way that you do not become a nuisance for your Members.
There are two ways of looking at Frequency:
  • Frequency would be the time period or the gap time between two New Posts.
  • Frequency is also the time period or the gap between two Posts that are same.
Would you consider Frequency as a good point to look at. The healthy mix of Posting of new Content and repeating an existing Content could be a good way to go about.

Having said this, Content is to be good, relevant and making sense to your Members. This along with a good healthy Frequency should do the magic.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facelift Of Facebook

Have you noticed the new Facebook Pages? What is your take on them? Have you already adjusted or are still wondering on what is to be done?

Facebook has brought in some good innovative
Functions apart from the new Design element. Post March 30, 2012 all Pages have got upgraded to the new Design and Layout.

Apart from many other changes, shared below are couple of functions that could be great for Persons and Brands having Social Presence on Facebook.
  • Messages To Pages: Though a Page cannot send out Private Messages. Individuals who have Subscribed to Pages can send a Private Message to Pages. After this the Page can then write back the reply which will come as Private Message to that Person. This definitely holds a good plus point for persons who would not want to Post their questions upfront on the Page's Public Space. This is good incase of exchanges contact information such as Cell Numbers and EMail ids so that the right people are connected and Spam is avoided.
  • HighLight the Posts on your Page: This is amazing feature. If you have Posted something and you would like people's attention onto that particular Post you can highlight the Post. Along side your Posts on top right hand you will notice a 'Star'. If you hover your mouse on this you will be able to read the words 'Highlight'. This when clicked that particular Post will re-size and become widescreen. This works great when you want people scrolling your Page to see. 
  • Pin to Top: This is another great feature brought in by Facebook. Any Post that you may want to bring upfront you can do this by clicking on 'Pin To Top'. You will find this along side your Posts on top right hand. Click on the 'Edit Or Remove' and there you will find the 'Pin To Top'.
Do share what are your favorite features on the new Facebook Layout.

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