Saturday, August 18, 2012

How To Spread Your Facebook Page URL And Twitter Handle - Social Media

Incase your Facebook Page and your Tweets from your Twitter is not being spread around or heard well, then, here are couple of spaces where you can add your Facebook Page URL and your Twitter Handle:
  • Insert on your EMail below your Signature
  • Put the Twitter Handle on your Facebook Page in the About Section
  • Put the Facebook URL on your Twitter Page in the Description Section
  • Sparingly mention your Handle and Facebook URL when you write your LinkedIn Credential Part
  • Incorporate the two on your Visiting Card 
  • Incorporate them on all your Offline and Online Communications like advertisements, Press Releases Etc
  • Place them in the most visible position on your WebSite and Blog
  • Place them as Signature on your SMS and when you send out EMails from your Cell Phones
  • It would be great if you can generate  a Q R  Code as well
  • Have them as Signature in your Forums as well
  • Write a Blog Post for them mentioning what people will find if they join them
  • Request your existing Network to share and spread them

Your Turn, add to this List!

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