Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facelift Of Facebook

Have you noticed the new Facebook Pages? What is your take on them? Have you already adjusted or are still wondering on what is to be done?

Facebook has brought in some good innovative
Functions apart from the new Design element. Post March 30, 2012 all Pages have got upgraded to the new Design and Layout.

Apart from many other changes, shared below are couple of functions that could be great for Persons and Brands having Social Presence on Facebook.
  • Messages To Pages: Though a Page cannot send out Private Messages. Individuals who have Subscribed to Pages can send a Private Message to Pages. After this the Page can then write back the reply which will come as Private Message to that Person. This definitely holds a good plus point for persons who would not want to Post their questions upfront on the Page's Public Space. This is good incase of exchanges contact information such as Cell Numbers and EMail ids so that the right people are connected and Spam is avoided.
  • HighLight the Posts on your Page: This is amazing feature. If you have Posted something and you would like people's attention onto that particular Post you can highlight the Post. Along side your Posts on top right hand you will notice a 'Star'. If you hover your mouse on this you will be able to read the words 'Highlight'. This when clicked that particular Post will re-size and become widescreen. This works great when you want people scrolling your Page to see. 
  • Pin to Top: This is another great feature brought in by Facebook. Any Post that you may want to bring upfront you can do this by clicking on 'Pin To Top'. You will find this along side your Posts on top right hand. Click on the 'Edit Or Remove' and there you will find the 'Pin To Top'.
Do share what are your favorite features on the new Facebook Layout.

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