Sunday, July 8, 2012

How To Use Frequency As Your Tool In Social Media

Do you consider Frequency as your important tool to get interaction from your Members in Social Media? Well consider this:

You Posted great matter on your Facebook Brand / Business Page. However it did not reach to all or most of your Members. Reason of not reaching could be plenty. Some of the reasons to not reach could be:
  • You have Posted when your Members were a little busy.
  • You have Posted when your Members are not near Facebook.
  • Members have already blocked you as they are tired, thankfully they have not as yet un-subscribed.
  • Facebook EdgeRank.
What do you do? How do you try to get yourself visible.
In Social Media we tend to have a very fine line between repetition and nuisance. You will need to find out where exactly to stop. Frequency can be a great tool in Social Media. However repeat in a way that you do not become a nuisance for your Members.
There are two ways of looking at Frequency:
  • Frequency would be the time period or the gap time between two New Posts.
  • Frequency is also the time period or the gap between two Posts that are same.
Would you consider Frequency as a good point to look at. The healthy mix of Posting of new Content and repeating an existing Content could be a good way to go about.

Having said this, Content is to be good, relevant and making sense to your Members. This along with a good healthy Frequency should do the magic.

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