Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Momentum And Ripple Effect In Social Media

There are several reason why Social Media is attempted by Brands and Business Houses. In order to build a Relation with the Audience, Social Media is usually built into the Marketing Strategy. The desired result could be many. While working on Social Media Pages like Facebook have you noticed when do your Members really start to Interact with your Posts?

You may have initiated your Social Media Page from its initial concept stages. Is it that the moment you did your first Post there were responses from all of your Members? Not most of the time.

Getting responses and having your Members interacting with your Posts is all got to do with the science and logic of Momentum. The term Momentum signifies a gradual movement. The term further means that it has a self multiplying effect either in circular or linear method. It gets affected by external and internal matter. It also has a ripple effect. Easy? Lets add to this: If the velocity is huge then the Momentum will not come to an immediate stop; you can gradually end it though.

Translation into Social Media - Momentum Effect:
When you start with your Members they may not respond and interact immediately. Interaction takes time. It needs a lot of time, energy and thinking investment. It is only when your Page Posts are seen a lot [not being nuisance though] you will notice that your Members participate with you / your Posts. The reason could be familiarity. The reason is also when they see how the other Members who interact are treated well by your page then they feel confident and get encouragement to interact. 
Translation into Social Media - Ripple Effect: As the Momentum gets more velocity there will be little Ripples taking place in the form of the Network of your Members start to notice your Page Posts. This Ripple effect ends up getting you more Likes and hence more Members onto your Page.

What do you think of the Momentum and the Ripple Effect? Your turn.

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