Monday, September 10, 2012

How To Increase Your Facebook Page Post's EdgeRank - Social Media

Ever wondered if your Facebook Posts are reaching all of your Facebook Page Members? The fact is that though your Facebook Page may have lots of 'Likes' your Posts may not be reaching most of them. Yes 'most' of them. The reason is EdgeRank. While Google's search algorithms are well kept secrets Facebook is transparent about the algorithms that it uses for Posts of Pages to appear on the Feeds of the Fans / Community Members.

In short you need to combat EdgeRank in a good and ethical way.

Here is how you can improve your Facebook Page Post's EdgeRank:

  • First thing first, you will need to have consistent content that is relevant to your Facebook Page Members. You need to know and understand what is it that your Members are seeking from your Facebook Page. The reason why they have joined your Facebook Page.
  • Next is the most critical substance: Images. Your Posts should have most of the time Photos. It is proven time and again that the human brain picks up images much faster. This means that it not only notices but also interprets and gets a little more retention in the mind. Add to this it has an eye stopper impact. So when people scroll down their Facebook Home Page Feeds they tend to look at images a little more.
  • Posting Image Album is a good idea so that the space occupied in the Facebook Home Page Feed ends up being a little more. Plus it has a reason for your Members to check out each Photo.
  • Your Photos need to have a good story to it and a little good execution as well. The Photo quality matters as well.
  • You can upload Audio/Video as well. Remember to have the Thumbnail well done up. It is important that you have  a Thumbnail and not a black box.
  • Ask A Question. Many a times there are people who join a certain Brand / Business to gain information and knowledge. They are the most likely ones to answer.
  • Use Fill In The Blanks. This is another great interaction tool.
  • Remember that most of the persons will be viewing your Posts on their Mobile Devices. So be careful of the structure and length of your Posts.
  • When your Members Comment on your Posts you need to answer. You are to encourage interaction.
  • You can have Contest and Games. This is good, however please note that this is extremely delicate. Facebook could ban your Page if you go against their rule. Facebook has its own rules and guidelines on what you are allowed to do and what will get your Brand / Business Page banned. The rules are not too difficult to understand however they end up making you ask what then can you do. Banning of your Page can be a little troublesome for you, reason being that you may find it difficult to get your Page back.
If the above is done on a consistent basis only then you will be progressing towards improving your EdgeRank. In this way your Facebook Page Posts will be more visible on Facebook Home Page Feeds of your Members.  Thereby you get more exposure and will have good Acquisition, Retention and Bonding with your Members.

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