Monday, April 15, 2013

Acquisition Ideas For Your Facebook Brand Pages - Social Media

Acquisition ideas for your Brand / Business Facebook Page: 

This is the process of getting new people on-board. This is the phase where you bring in new Customers and Clients. 

In order to get people on-board you will need to make a Business decision if you want to do aggressive marketing or have a subtle chronological effort. 

There are a couple of ways in which you could look at Acquisition:
  • Forums: Join the industry / category based Forums. Forums have a good format of automatic giving your links in your signature. These are really good platforms if used properly. Do not spam.
  • Competitors: Many a times joining competitors is good. You know what the industry is doing. Please be extremely careful here. The idea is not to steal / pinch their Community Members. The idea is to give constructive discussions and add to the value that they are trying to give. You could join their Community on their Sites, join their Blogs, Join and add to their Facebook content, be on their Twitter and  LinkedIn.
  • Online Advertisements: The other way is to recommend to your Clients on giving out online advertisements. Facebook has an amazing concept of Sponsored Advertising and so on. Use these constructively. There is not much of money involved in the initial stages. What you need to know and do is target the advertisements in a correct manner by way of selecting the right Target Audience and their Target Market / Geography along with a message that will generate a desirable response. You can also look at online banner advertising and so on. These also can create new Customers and Clients. Online advertising can be have various formats to it. There are various sites offering various banner sizes and platforms. For instance you can have floating banners and so on.
  • Commenting: Commenting on various Blogs, Articles, Posts etc is a great way to encourage people into looking at you and your Links.
  • Offline Spread: Offline methods are also great to get you Clients and Customers. Advice your Clients to have your online Links on every document sent out. This could be envelopes, bills, invoices, advertisements, hoardings, tv, radio, visiting cards, letter heads and so on.
  • Software Templates: Have templates created for Emails and other software like Microsoft Word documents and so on containing the Online Links.
  • Reference And Endorsement: There is another method to get new Clients and Customers: This is the referral and endorsement system. If you have done satisfactory work with your ongoing Customers and Clients then there is a huge chance of them recommending you to their Network. If this takes place there is nothing better. However when you do get new Business from your existing Business sources you have a greater responsibility. People recommending others are putting their reputation to test as well. If you fail then they will be displeased as well. So be careful here.
  • More From Existing Clients And Customers: Additionally if your existing Clients and Customers are happy then they in turn will give you more business, your scope of work will be increased.
  • QR Codes: With the help of QR Codes you can make a long URL printed in the offline world easy to connect with your Social Media Page. 
These are few of the ways in which you could look at Acquisition.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

​Your Response On Facebook Determines The Future Interaction Of Your Community - Social Media​ ​​

It is critical to decide before hand on how to go about​ your Social Media Platform.

When you work on the various Social Media Platforms it is important to concentrate on your Responses. Response is very critical. Apart from regular Posts you also need to actively respond to the various comments and remarks. Your response to various comments should be well administered. At the very beginning you need to decide what types of comments will be responded. 

Your framework is to cover both, when you should Respond and when you should not Respond. It is imperative to have an idea and a set mutual understanding on this. 

​The guiding light on what and how to Respond will be your Brand Personality. 

This will automatically get determined if you have a well thought out Brand Personality. The Brand Personality will decide on how you will behave in the world of Social Media and it will also give you an indication on what Tone of Voice you should maintain. ​Social Media is an extension of the Brand Personality

​The value of your Response:

  • ​At one level you start to address the comments and gain interaction, trust etc. You start to build credibility for yourself and your Brand / Business. 
  • At another level your Response indicates to others on what they should expect if they put up a certain Post. 
What this means is:
  • ​Your Response should give an idea to others that they too can interact.
  • This means that you should be able to create an environment of comfort and trust. 
  • Though your Page has a certain framework - people are free to Post their comments and thoughts if they stay within the framework.
  • It should make people feel that there is human who is responding and not an auto generated reply. 
  • Encourage your Members to interact among themselves as well. However do intercept if they are going too far and their conversation has nothing to do with your Social Media Page Philosophy.​

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Traps That The Corporates Fall InTo While Working On Social Media

Social Media is not being talked about but is also practiced by major Business Houses. However not each and every Corporate is well tuned on what exactly is to be done. So, while they are on the Social Media Platform they are not all to-gather there as yet.There are lot of unfortunate situations and traps that the Corporate falls into. 

Traps that the Corporate falls into: 
  • Once the Page is created they feel that they have won half the battle. Not attending to the Page is showing clearly that you are not organised. Just merely creating Page is not the key. The main work is nurturing the Audience on that Page. 
  • Social Media is handled by a novice. Many a times spaces like Facebook is thought of to be a younger generation space. With the result a recent trainee or a junior level is given charge of. While there is no harm in here as the person will be able to write things like 'hello how was your day' 'Good Morning' and so on they will not really know how to behave based on the Brand Print and Brand Personality. It takes experience here. As the person should know, Branding, Direct marketing, public relations, Customer Care and so on. Social Media manager needs to know how exactly they are to behave with Negative Remarks and so on. 
  • There is one person believing and struggling with the Social Media in the office. If Social Media is not respected and not followed by the top management then eventually the efforts on Social Media start to fail. Fail miserably. 
  • Social Media is often thought that it should build up many Followers / Fans. This is extremely harmful. There is absolutely no need of running after quantity. You should mainly concentrate on the quality of persons. You will find lots of offers that say you can get over 1000 Fans and Followers. However why would you want to keep dead wood?
  •  Social Media is judged by the ROI. You need to really think hard here. What is ROI. You may want to re-visit this. Is ROI always in terms of sales and income? Can this be looked at in qualitative terms? No doubt that every thing a Business does would be looked at in terms of what money is coming in - however Social Media can definitely be looked as more of Relationship Building rather than immediate returns.  How about judging the Interaction and the type of Interaction that takes place / does not take place?
Your turn

I work as Freelance Social Media Network Online Professional. My Business Page is on Facebook at: Do join me.