Saturday, June 22, 2013

How To Use #HashTags On Your Facebook Page - Social Media

#HashTags are the most recent additions on Facebook. Practically all Brands and Business Houses have started to use and understand them. However you need to be careful with them. #HashTags unfortunately can be a too cluttering  for your Posts. 

Below are a couple of tips on how best you can use #HashTags:

  • Make a wise choice of words. When you #HashTag a word it needs to be such that your Target Audience uses the same in search and would think on similar lines.
  • Best is if you could have a capital letter after #HashTag. This way it is easier on the eye to read. Ofcourse it does not mean that you use capital  letters when it is totally not require.
  • Please do not clutter your entire Post with #HashTags. Soon your Audience will turn a blind eye to your Posts. 
  • It is not compulsory that you use #HashTags in each Post. Do maintain the warm Community Feeling for your Audience. Putting #HashTags could mean that you are more interested in having a crowd following your Page. This is since you want to be easier to search on Facebook. It is essential that your Community should be given a Privileged Feeling. 
  • Keep your #HashTags simple and short.
  • Remember last but not the least, give a reason to your Audience to relate and use your #HashTags

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Your 6 Benefits Of Using #HashTags On Facebook - Social Media

Recently Facebook has introduced #HashTags.  This has a lot of benefit to persons in Marketing and Business. If #HashTags are used properly then here are a couple of encouraging uses of the #HashTags:
  • Each of your #HashTag will have a separate URL
  • You can comment directly on that Page
  • You can check on what Competitors are doing
  • You can easily know if your Brand, Business, Industry is being talked about
  • Usage of #HashTag by default makes Facebook one of the resources that people will go to apart from
  • #HashTag can be a great feature to have a Conversation. For example if you are having a Conversation with a Particular Person [s] on your Facebook Page then you can all use a particular #HashTag so that you all can find your conversation at a later date. Since you will have included the #HashTag you are very likely to get found by similar minded persons.

Your Turn : Do you make the best use of #HashTag ?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

How To Post On Facebook With #HashTags And Yet Be Legible - Social Media

Recently Facebook introduced #HashTags. They are amazingly useful when you want to find and be found as well. 

However for your Audience to read this is a little difficult. Have you seen Posts that have almost every alternate word #Hashtaged?!

Soon your Posts will be meeting a blind eye. Your Audience will not be looking at your Post. With the result while you will be found in plenty of searches you will not be able to create interaction and a relationship with your existing Audiences. 

Here is a solution to this:
Post your Content on Facebook without #HashTags. Below your complete Post have your KeyWords #HashTaged! 
This way your Post is legible and you are working on your #Hashtag as well!

What do you think?

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Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Promote Your Facebook Page On Facebook Without Spending - Social Media

Spreading your Facebook Page becomes a huge necessity in your Marketing efforts. Promotion takes place via Facebook and outside media. 

On Facebook you need to Post on Status Update what you are doing with regards to your Facebook Page. 

Inform people on why they should join your Page. Why should they like it. It is important for them to know two things: 

  • One is that your Facebook Page is ready for them to join 
  • The other is to get them to know why they should join. 
I have seen many promotions talking about the Page and that it is a fantastic Page that one is join , and so on. However please stop. Think on who should join you and why should they join you. Infact this is to be answered before you create your Facebook Page. 

Next is that you can request your Network on your Personal Profile and on your Page to share your Page. 

Send out Personal Messages to your Network inviting them to share and join your Page. 

Update your Cover Photo. This is important. Let people know at a single glance what exactly should they expect from your Facebook Page. 

A good way is to have your Facebook Personal Profile pointing a Lin to your Facebook Page. This is done in the 'About' Section. 

Join other Facebook Pages so that you can share your Page URL at a relevant time. 

Another most certain way to damage your Page is to be irregular and never monitor your Page.  This gives rise to Spam. This clearly shows that you ignore your Page and such could be an attitude towards your Customers as well. 

Interact with Persons who may ask questions and support your Page. Do not let too much time pass after they ask / Comment on your Page. What I have seen is that People do not revert back. Or they revert in copy paste format. Same answer for many questions. This is the sad part. 

Your turn: What are your Methods To Promote Your Facebook Page On Facebook Without Spending

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Monday, June 3, 2013

The One Small Difference Between B To C And B To B Social Media Execution

From your Clientele list you know how many of the Business Houses are on Social Media. Business Houses could be selling to Consumer B-C or to another Business House B-B. Whatever be the Target Audience - if Client's Audience is on Social Media then your Client too is required to be present there. 

You also know that the way to Communicate for B-C  and the B-B Audiences is little different. Not that any should be non-creative thinking. However the desired results from the Communication drive us to think appropriately. 

Similarly, when you are on Social Media there naturally is the tone and personality difference of your Brand that you need to bring out. 

The one key important difference is the persons joining. If you are working with B-B Audience then it is essential that you not only follow the Brand Personality but also the personality of the Organisation's key persons. This is because it is most likely that the persons from the Organisation know and have a face to face relationship with their Customer set. This means that what you Post will be understood as the person's Content from the organisation writing. This is extremely sensitive. Your one mis-handled Post / Comment / Reply etc could make the Audience place a direct call to the person of the Organisation. This could be a little embarrassing. 

In short, for a B-B Audience you need to keep the key person's way of addressing issues in mind apart from the regular Social Media Parameters

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