Saturday, June 22, 2013

Your 6 Benefits Of Using #HashTags On Facebook - Social Media

Recently Facebook has introduced #HashTags.  This has a lot of benefit to persons in Marketing and Business. If #HashTags are used properly then here are a couple of encouraging uses of the #HashTags:
  • Each of your #HashTag will have a separate URL
  • You can comment directly on that Page
  • You can check on what Competitors are doing
  • You can easily know if your Brand, Business, Industry is being talked about
  • Usage of #HashTag by default makes Facebook one of the resources that people will go to apart from
  • #HashTag can be a great feature to have a Conversation. For example if you are having a Conversation with a Particular Person [s] on your Facebook Page then you can all use a particular #HashTag so that you all can find your conversation at a later date. Since you will have included the #HashTag you are very likely to get found by similar minded persons.

Your Turn : Do you make the best use of #HashTag ?

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