Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6 Points To Remember While You Use #HashTags On Your Facebook Page

#HashTags are the most recent additions on Facebook. However while using them you need to be careful. #HashTags unfortunately can be a too cluttering on your Audience’s eye. 

Below are 6 tips on how best you can use #HashTags:
  • Words: When you #HashTag a word it needs to be such that your Target Audience uses the same in search and would think on similar lines.
  • CapitalLetter: Use capital letter after #HashTag. This way it is easier on the eye to read. Ofcourse it does not mean that you use capital  letters when it is totally not require.
  • Clutter: Please do not clutter your entire Post with #HashTags. Soon your Audience will turn a blind eye to your Posts. 
  • Use Sparingly: It is not compulsory that you use #HashTags in each Post. Do maintain the warm Community Feeling for your Audience. Putting #HashTags could mean that you are more interested in having a crowd following your Page. This is since you want to be easier to search on Facebook. It is essential that your Community should be given a Privileged Feeling. 
  • Short: Keep your #HashTags simple and short.
  • Engage: Remember last but not the least, give a reason to your Audience to relate and use your #HashTags

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Parameters To Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media is Measurable. You need to know what exactly your will measure. It is best that you decide this before your Social Media Campaign breaks out. The reason being is that only then you know where you are to go, thereby you can decide how best you will reach your Objectives. 

No matter what your Goal and objective is. You need to focus on your goal, how you will achieve it and after your finish your task you need to measure. 

So you could be crafting a Post for awareness, or tweeting to share an opinion or you could be creating a Product preference - you need to have the below Parameters to Measure in mind:

  • Share Of Voice: This is how many times you have been mentioned. This is not measured in isolation. It is viewed with Competition. So, how many times your Brand is mentioned as against your Competitors. Here while you look at quantity be certain to check on quality as well. Mention can be in positive and negative term. So you need to read and understand.
  • Reach: This is 'seeing'. How many people view your Post. 
  • Interaction: This is engagement. This is 'how' people engage with your Brand. This would be re-Tweeting, Share and so on. Comments and direct interaction is also counted here. 
  • Tracking: This is the time when you measure the above three in context with the call to action.

Dependent on your Objective you need to decide which of the above 4 are more important; though you will need to consider all 4.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Retention Plan For Your Facebook Brand Pages - Social Media

This is the process of maintaining the existing Clients and Customers. 

After you get Clients and Customers you need to deliver to them the desired results. There is a lot that goes into delivering the right results at the right time and at the right price.

There are a couple of tips that you could use so that you can retain your Social Media Community:
  • Privileged Feeling: You need to give your Clients and Customers a feeling of being privileged. 
    • This could be done by giving them great discounts and sales information.
    • You could let them have the first peek at new launches.
    • Let them be the first to know what is taking place behind the scenes.
    • If you are managing Celebrity then let them have a chance to connect with your Celebrity.
    • If there is a new announcement that you will coming out with let your Community know first.
  • Belonging Feeling: Let your Customers and Clients get the feeling of belonging to your Inner Circle. 
    • Encourage them to speak and to share. 
    • Let them know that they are a part of your Family. 
    • Let them share their experience with your product. 
    • Appreciate a good comment. Make it a point to address a negative remark.
  • Share information that can help them. See when and on what do they re-act. 
  • Monitor and check on feedback. 
  • Listen in to what they are talking. Add if you can deliver value. 

These are few of the ways in which you could look at Retention.

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