Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Parameters To Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media is Measurable. You need to know what exactly your will measure. It is best that you decide this before your Social Media Campaign breaks out. The reason being is that only then you know where you are to go, thereby you can decide how best you will reach your Objectives. 

No matter what your Goal and objective is. You need to focus on your goal, how you will achieve it and after your finish your task you need to measure. 

So you could be crafting a Post for awareness, or tweeting to share an opinion or you could be creating a Product preference - you need to have the below Parameters to Measure in mind:

  • Share Of Voice: This is how many times you have been mentioned. This is not measured in isolation. It is viewed with Competition. So, how many times your Brand is mentioned as against your Competitors. Here while you look at quantity be certain to check on quality as well. Mention can be in positive and negative term. So you need to read and understand.
  • Reach: This is 'seeing'. How many people view your Post. 
  • Interaction: This is engagement. This is 'how' people engage with your Brand. This would be re-Tweeting, Share and so on. Comments and direct interaction is also counted here. 
  • Tracking: This is the time when you measure the above three in context with the call to action.

Dependent on your Objective you need to decide which of the above 4 are more important; though you will need to consider all 4.

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