Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Factors Matter For Your OnLine Reputation - Social Media

Your Online Reputation consists of a number of factors. The only way to get hold of them is to be regular on checking them. It is essential to know what is your reputation looking like and what people would be thinking / perceiving about you. In recent times your OnLine Reputation matters as much as your OffLine Reputation matter. It does not matter in what walk of like you are - you need to be clear on how you are projected.

Your OnLine Reputation consists of:
  • Comments: Comments that you put on various Forums which are your industry based, Blogs, Social Media Sites, WebSites and so on. This means you need to keep attention to not only what you Post as comment but also the Sites on which you Post your comment. 
  • Content: Content is another section that you need to take care on. What write, how you project your personality is important.
  • Blogs: Blogs are essential to project your academic and experience based knowledge. This is another essential way in which you can portray your worth. You will not find an opportunity to tell people how sound your knowledge , with a Blog you can.
  • Press Release: It is a good practice to share what you are doing with Press Persons OnLine. If your articles is News Worthy then the Press Persons will release the same in their OnLine world.
  • Competitors: It is a good Idea to join your Competitors so that you are aware on what is taking place. Ofcourse keep in mind that they too will join your OnLine spaces.
  • Social Media: It is a good idea to have your presence on a Social Media Page. what you need to know here is that you are to not go rampant on all Social Media Sites. The reason being is that if you are on many Social Media Sites then you will eventually end up Posting similar matter across. Hence you duplicating the content will end up being an irritation to your Community Members.  
Your turn! Share your key methods!

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Facebook Graph Search - Social Media

Facebook has recently announced that they are getting into 'improvised search'. This is called 'Graph Search'. 

You will have noticed so far that Facebook already has search enabled - this you will see on your Facebook Personal Profile Home Page top side. Now there is much more user-friendly search data to look into. This means that the search algorithms will now look at what the Facebook Audience likes and interacts with. 

Thereby you will get results based on what your Friends have Liked in addition to the typical search results that you had so far. This means that your search results could be different from my search results. Thus they are Personalized Results. Having said this, it is not restricted / limited to what friends like. It enhances and throws up to you regular results plus recognized results. 

This kind of search is a little different from your existing searches. It recognizes the phrases that you key into your search box and matches it with what your friends like. 

Currently this entire search engine is in its introductions stage and hence you will be given results based on photos, people, places and interests. Soon it will roll onto Posts and what your Network writes and shares as well. So before you get into a hotel you will know if your friends also liked it or not. 

Do you see the two level search? One is finding the hotel the other is knowing if your Friends recommend it! 


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