Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Social Media Medicine

How do you see Social Media. Is it a compulsory evil for you? Or a pleasant get away? Is it healthy addiction for you or a painful one? Does it make you feel good or remorse? Do you use it to keep a watch over certain Profiles? Or do you make new friends? Social Media if used sensibly an bring you good emotional support as well. 

Like any other things being addicted to it could be a little detrimental though. However if your attachment to this Platform is in reasonable limits then good for you! Having said this - who is to set the limits? Well it is simple - a feeling of self respect and goodness is your measuring tool. If you do not neglect other things then it is good amount of intake of Social Media.

Social Media Platform can work as anti - stress. It can be good therapeutic. Many a times your mind moves away from the problem that could be bogging you.   With many persons willing to help via Social Media, who knows your problem can get solved!

Social Media can be a great space to establish your skill sets. You can share your feelings and get people to talk and share on similar subjects of interest. You can ask for advice. Your can share your expertise. You can establish yourself and build credibility for yourself, your Brand, your Business. 

If you are representing an organisation on Social Media then it is a good idea to check out how to go about handling your Page. 

Having said all this you do need to take care on how much and what kind of information you share. There is always crime waiting to take place. Unfortunately Social Media is utilized in a negative manner as well. People stay anonymous and mess around with other persons. This ofcourse is detrimental. 

What do you think?

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