Friday, March 1, 2013

Remove The 'Fans' From Your Social Media Plan

'Hello Fans!' 'This is especially done for Fans!' 'Come on Fans answer!' 'Good Night Fans'
Why is this term 'Fan [s]' used to address the persons who are on your Social Media Page? 
There are many reasons as to why a person joins your Brand and Business Page. They need not be a bunch of enthusiastic all looking forward to see your Page Feeds. They could be dissatisfied Customers who because have had no luck with your Call Centers / Customer Care people have then joined your Page to voice their discomfort and anger.  

Definitely many would have joined because they feel the Brand or Business is part of lives. 

Whatever be the purpose of their joining would it be appropriate to address them as 'Fans'? You are there because of them, how about regarding and addressing them as 'Members' and similar terminology instead of 'Fans'? 

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