Friday, March 8, 2013

How To Do Marketing On Facebook With The New Feed Design - Social Media

Facebook has very recently rolled out the new Layout / Design for the News Feed of Profile Pages. Have you noticed this? Has it rolled out onto your Feed as well? If you have not as yet experienced this - you will soon be able to experience the new Layout.

The main objective of this new Feed Layout is to be visually driven. The root of this revamp goes back to the Facebook Search Graph that was recently introduced. The new Search feature enables results based on photos, people, places and interests. Soon it will roll onto Posts and what your Network writes and shares as well. So before you get into a hotel you will know if your friends also liked it or not. 

Coming back to the new Layout / Design for the News Feed of Profile Pages which will be more visually rich. With the new layout you will be able to sort your Feeds into 
  • All posts from friends only
  • All posts from pages only 
  • And all posts from people they’ve subscribed to. 
Additionally this is rolled for both, desktop and mobile. Add to this the new format is not going to affect its algorithm. 

As a Facebook marketeer you need to keep in mind the below:
  • Be consistent. No matter what the changes are the content will always remain important. 
  • Be more visual. Your Posts needs to be more image oriented. This also means that even if you have text make JPEG and upload as visual. 
  • A new important criteria is the 'Following' aspect. This feature has been on Facebook since some time. It is not new. However the good part is that the 'Sorting' can be done by way of Posts from people you have subscribed to.
  • The cover photo that you use on your Pages will be displayed with more space on the News Feed. 
What are your Points!

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