Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Traps That The Corporates Fall InTo While Working On Social Media

Social Media is not being talked about but is also practiced by major Business Houses. However not each and every Corporate is well tuned on what exactly is to be done. So, while they are on the Social Media Platform they are not all to-gather there as yet.There are lot of unfortunate situations and traps that the Corporate falls into. 

Traps that the Corporate falls into: 
  • Once the Page is created they feel that they have won half the battle. Not attending to the Page is showing clearly that you are not organised. Just merely creating Page is not the key. The main work is nurturing the Audience on that Page. 
  • Social Media is handled by a novice. Many a times spaces like Facebook is thought of to be a younger generation space. With the result a recent trainee or a junior level is given charge of. While there is no harm in here as the person will be able to write things like 'hello how was your day' 'Good Morning' and so on they will not really know how to behave based on the Brand Print and Brand Personality. It takes experience here. As the person should know, Branding, Direct marketing, public relations, Customer Care and so on. Social Media manager needs to know how exactly they are to behave with Negative Remarks and so on. 
  • There is one person believing and struggling with the Social Media in the office. If Social Media is not respected and not followed by the top management then eventually the efforts on Social Media start to fail. Fail miserably. 
  • Social Media is often thought that it should build up many Followers / Fans. This is extremely harmful. There is absolutely no need of running after quantity. You should mainly concentrate on the quality of persons. You will find lots of offers that say you can get over 1000 Fans and Followers. However why would you want to keep dead wood?
  •  Social Media is judged by the ROI. You need to really think hard here. What is ROI. You may want to re-visit this. Is ROI always in terms of sales and income? Can this be looked at in qualitative terms? No doubt that every thing a Business does would be looked at in terms of what money is coming in - however Social Media can definitely be looked as more of Relationship Building rather than immediate returns.  How about judging the Interaction and the type of Interaction that takes place / does not take place?
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