Sunday, May 5, 2013

Social Media BackLinks

A very big part of managing and nurturing your Social Media Business / Brand Page is to be found on Search Engines. Other important reasons are Brand Image, Customer Care, Relationship Building etc. Search Engines like have been long enough on the net to know how to recognize good and healthy links and url. 

One of the ways to come up ahead on the search engine listings is to have BackLinks. Technically, BackLink is an inbound html code that points to your website. You probably are wondering why you would want a BackLink. This means that, If you have many websites with single, one-way, links to your website, the search engines interprets this in your favor. 

To achieve good Back - Links, the search engines should view your site as an 'authority site'. If your Audience is satisfied with your writing and if they are looking forward to more then your Page will look like an 'authority site'. Websites mention and point to, or refer to, articles and videos on the authority site.

If you get people to have your URL on their sites then you stand a good chance with Search Engines. You need to keep in mind that Search engines need to view your Partner site as healthy. This means that you are not go rampant asking people to have your URL on their Page. You need to check their credibility, repeat audience and general traffic etc. In case their site is not of good standing then you have a very disadvantage situation here. 
So while BackLinks is good to have please be careful on which Site your URL is. 

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