Monday, June 3, 2013

The One Small Difference Between B To C And B To B Social Media Execution

From your Clientele list you know how many of the Business Houses are on Social Media. Business Houses could be selling to Consumer B-C or to another Business House B-B. Whatever be the Target Audience - if Client's Audience is on Social Media then your Client too is required to be present there. 

You also know that the way to Communicate for B-C  and the B-B Audiences is little different. Not that any should be non-creative thinking. However the desired results from the Communication drive us to think appropriately. 

Similarly, when you are on Social Media there naturally is the tone and personality difference of your Brand that you need to bring out. 

The one key important difference is the persons joining. If you are working with B-B Audience then it is essential that you not only follow the Brand Personality but also the personality of the Organisation's key persons. This is because it is most likely that the persons from the Organisation know and have a face to face relationship with their Customer set. This means that what you Post will be understood as the person's Content from the organisation writing. This is extremely sensitive. Your one mis-handled Post / Comment / Reply etc could make the Audience place a direct call to the person of the Organisation. This could be a little embarrassing. 

In short, for a B-B Audience you need to keep the key person's way of addressing issues in mind apart from the regular Social Media Parameters

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