Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Promote Your Facebook Page On Facebook Without Spending - Social Media

Spreading your Facebook Page becomes a huge necessity in your Marketing efforts. Promotion takes place via Facebook and outside media. 

On Facebook you need to Post on Status Update what you are doing with regards to your Facebook Page. 

Inform people on why they should join your Page. Why should they like it. It is important for them to know two things: 

  • One is that your Facebook Page is ready for them to join 
  • The other is to get them to know why they should join. 
I have seen many promotions talking about the Page and that it is a fantastic Page that one is join , and so on. However please stop. Think on who should join you and why should they join you. Infact this is to be answered before you create your Facebook Page. 

Next is that you can request your Network on your Personal Profile and on your Page to share your Page. 

Send out Personal Messages to your Network inviting them to share and join your Page. 

Update your Cover Photo. This is important. Let people know at a single glance what exactly should they expect from your Facebook Page. 

A good way is to have your Facebook Personal Profile pointing a Lin to your Facebook Page. This is done in the 'About' Section. 

Join other Facebook Pages so that you can share your Page URL at a relevant time. 

Another most certain way to damage your Page is to be irregular and never monitor your Page.  This gives rise to Spam. This clearly shows that you ignore your Page and such could be an attitude towards your Customers as well. 

Interact with Persons who may ask questions and support your Page. Do not let too much time pass after they ask / Comment on your Page. What I have seen is that People do not revert back. Or they revert in copy paste format. Same answer for many questions. This is the sad part. 

Your turn: What are your Methods To Promote Your Facebook Page On Facebook Without Spending

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