Thursday, August 8, 2013

Facebook Now Has 'Trending Topics' Being Shown In Its Graph Search - Social Media

Fantastic! Facebook now has 'Trending Topics' being shown in its Graph Search. What else is left out?

Facebook has unveiled the latest [most required] 'Trending Topics' feature. This is in its rolling out stage. Currently available everywhere in US. The language right now in the first phase is English. 

The efforts are in its experimental stage as yet. You as the Facebook user will be able to see the Trends even of people who do not feature as your friends.  You will be able to view both, public comments and posts. Irrespective whether or not the contributors are existing as 'Friends in your Network'. 

Well there is just one negative. Does this mean that your Posts seem to be exposed? Anyway once you write on Internet why would you think that what you write will remain private for life!

With this feature Facebook now has taken Twitter's most sought after functionality! 

What are your thought!

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