Friday, August 16, 2013

How To Get Your Content Grow Organically In The UpDated Facebook EdgeRank - Social Media

The recent update of Facebook Algorithms shares that older stories / Posts will surface onto the News Feed. 

The question is what will make this take place. If simply put - be more Engaging. Get people to interact with your Posts. Elicit a call to action.

Popularity of your Posts:

  • Posts that have many Likes are considered up high on the Rank. 
  • Posts with lots of Comments are great as well. 

So easy and obvious!
The above two can be done by fake crowd as well! Here is the catch:

  • The algorithm picks up on how often your Network has been interaction with Similar Posts! 
  • The algorithm picks up how your Network's Friends have reacted to similar Posts.
  • The type of Posts that your Network has previously reacted.

Solution? Simple! Genuine Posts that mean a lot to your Network. Did we know this before!

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