Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Meaning Of Facebook's 'Talking About This' - Social Media

This Post is an effort to demystify the term 'Talking About This' that you will see under the Cover Photo [the horizontal image space] on your Facebook Pages.

There has been a little confusion on the understanding of this aspect. 

Whenever a person does the below / takes one of these Actions, it counts toward People 'Talking About This'. 

  • Like a Page
  • Post on the Page Wall
  • Like a Post
  • Comment on a Post
  • Share a Post
  • Answer a Question
  • RSVP to a Page’s Event
  • Mention the Page in a Post
  • Tag the Page in a Photo
  • Check in at a Place
  • Share a Check-in Deal
  • Like a Check-in Deal
  • Write a Recommendation
  • Claim an Offer

It goes without saying that the above is required and holds true if 'Tagging' is done in correct method. 

Have you considered this? Have you actually taken note of this parameter and the numbers it reflects?

Consider this: If your number of Members on your Facebook Page is 1000 and 200 People are 'Talking About This' then you have a good 20% virality going on. However in reality this may not be the case. 20% is way too high. An average of 1% to 2% is good to go with. 

This number is visible to Administrator of the Pages and to Visitors as well. It is good to understand and know as to which Pages have good and relevant Content such that other Members on the Page are conversing about. It is a good deciding point if a person should join the Page. 

It is a valuable tool for Page Administrators to know how much of interaction is actually taking place. As the Page Administrator you can view the 'Talking About This' even in the 'Insights' section. Here you can see the individual Posts and their individuals counts for 'Talking About This'. 

Now your turn. Consider this: While you know how many are  'Talking About This' you also know How Many Are Not Talking !!

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