Monday, October 7, 2013

What Not To Do On Facebook - Social Media

One of the main platform in Social Media is Facebook. Just the way we have do and donts for other medias, we have dos and donts for Facebook as well. For instance you would avoid more than 8 words on a hoarding. 

Social Media is a sensitive platform for your Brand and Business. The whole area of Marketing is based on trial and improvisation. Feedback and addressing issues is the core of Marketing effort. These could be in any form and via any vehicle like advertising wherein we deal with perception, direct marketing where we deal with one to one [we try to] and so on. In this huge sphere we have now Social Media as an additional feature. This though is no more new media and in no way should it still be a mystery to the marketing personnel.
Below are a couple of dont's while you work on your Facebook Page for your Brand / Business:
  • Buy Fans. This is amazing. You have a huge following suddenly. The cost is usually per Fan joining... The practice of buying Fans kills the very idea of Social Media. You are coming on-board because you believe in the amazing power of connecting with your Audience and putting in the required efforts. Many a times the Buy Fans practice leads to disaster. 
  • Post Irrelevant Content. Posting Content that has no meaning and use to your Audience is worse than not Posting. Just for the sake of Posting please do not bombard your Audience with matter that is not at all relevant to them. Your Audience will start to ignore you, and unsubscribe from your Page.
  • No Interaction with Audience. This is again against the basic principal of Social Media. You are on the platform of Social Media to Interact and Connect with your Audience. If they Communicate with you then you too need to Communicate. Ofcourse it depends on your Brand and Business Personality on how you may want to respond. 
  • Be A Spammer. Joining other Pages on Facebook and then giving Links of your Page is not a very good thing. You need to understand that not only the Page Owner but also other Audiences on that Page will look at your Post as Spam. It is essential that you know and understand that this way you may just about get a two to four people onto your Page. However the negative image and perception that you are building is larger than what you may think.

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