Friday, November 8, 2013

Should You Use Facebook Page Or Facebook Group - Social Media

Many a times am asked if the Business House should get onto Facebook Page or Facebook Group. Do you also face this dilemma? It is a very justified question. The reason being that after all time energy and lot of thinking would be utilized in Social Media. Using a wrong platform could mean the Business House will not be able to achieve its desired objective.

There is a simple way to understand what you should do. You need to understand what you are going to do. What is it that you want to achieve. Also you need to have a clear idea on how Groups and Pages function. What is feasible on them and what is not feasible. This then you should match with what exactly you are planning on Facebook.

Facebook Group can be used for varied purpose. For instance:
  • Family based Groups: When you put up photos and messages not all of your Facebook friends / list can be disturbed and interfered with. 
  • Close friends Groups: You will have your privacy and just have your gang / group of friends communicating without the world really interfering onto your team.
  • Colleagues team up on a task / project: If your work environment suggests that you have a team then enable the Groups to have updates and status reports come up on the Groups wall for all to view at same time; comments will be seen and interacted / acted upon as well.  
  • And so on, Facebook Groups have a reason to exists. 

Coming back to our question should you look at Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups? Pages have people from all walks of life connecting to you via a single Page. Now let’s assume [or maybe you have already experienced] a situation wherein your Facebook Pages has a broad value. Say for example if your Page philosophy / intent / purpose / reach is broad based and people who have joined your Page get very involved. You may now see that there is a reason to bifurcate into smaller groups. The reason being that certain people are addressing a particular issue. For this you need not create another Fan Page what you need now is to create small Facebook Groups.  

So in business you need to create Facebook Groups strategically. Such that while you have your main Facebook Page as umbrella, the various Facebook Groups could be created to address more in-depth conversations  / issues.  

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