Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Make Your Facebook Posts Viral - Social Media

On Facebook we hope to bring the Brand closer to our customers. We know that the base of a good relationship with our Audience is by Posting Content that makes our Audience Like us and Interact with us. 

Step back!. Think. What is the Content to consist so that it triggers action from our Audiences?

In Psychology there are many reasons as to why people would Interact and Infact share your Content. There is a certain need to be met. This would be tangible and / or intangible. If you get the hook on this need then you have won almost 60% of the battle. Along with this need there is another factor to keep in mind. The answer to the this question  Why have people joined your Facebook Page. 

While a couple of ideas are shared below, it is important that you keep the Brand Personality and Brand Tone of Voice in Mind. For instance below there is mention of having humorous Posts. However if your Brand Personality is got to be serious no smile type then you need not go in for the humor idea.  

Here are a couple of interesting ideas that could be of help:
  • Offers work. Any discount, anything free works. The magic word 'Free' works. Buy one get one free also works. Provide offers that most / many can benefit from. 
  • Provide good advise. There is always someone who requires a quick solution. Tips are another great method. In practically all Industries there is a certain amount of information that can be given out in a couple of sentences. These are sometimes quick fixes and sometimes open secrets. Give out information that helps people in taking care. Let them know on what damage could take place and so on. 
  • Humor. This is always a great way to get people immediately connecting with your Post [Not your Page though]. Remember humor when done with care and responsibility is looked forward to. 
  • Inspiring quotes that relate to day to day life of your Audiences is a great way to have mutual connect.
  • Another good aspect is the did you know series. This is about facts and figures that would be useful / good to know.
  • A cause, flag bearer Posts also make people re-act.
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