Friday, July 18, 2014

Social Media As Customer Service

Do you think that your Social Media Page could work well in attending to customer complains and requests? Perhaps now is the time to start to look at Social Media in many ways. 

Your customer could have connected with your Page for many reasons. For instance they could have connected so that they get privileges in terms of discounts, or to be the first to know on new arrivals or new launches. They could join your Page to perhaps know and connect with similar minded people in case of professional interest or causes and social issues. And so on.

What about this situation: They may also join because they could be fed-up with the current customer care that they have called a numerous times and have not received any answer.  

When your customer connects with your Social Media site it is all part of customer care. You need to gear up and empower your Social Media team with the relevant knowledge. Be careful your Social Media Page should not be a page full of apologies and asking people to send an email with complete scenario of problem or asking them to call on the customer care number. There are times when you may go on Twitter for instance and view certain business houses - you could come across an entire stream of 'we are sorry to hear this, please send your email to ....'. This kind of approach only in dire situation is justified. However if your entire Page is seen in this manner then the customer or target audience will loose interest. Your Social Media personnel should have the power to address issues. 

For this it is important that you have an action plan sorted and well laid out. Naturally if there is a product defect then your Social Media personnel cannot rectify this over the internet. Hence you need to have an escalation matrix back at your drawing board. Thus all departments should be informed and infact trained on the Social Media plan. They need to be explicitly informed that they are to act when the Social Media person forwards to them a request / advice / concern / complain. This is serious information and they need to take steps towards it. Secondly they need to revert back with proper details post the steps taken. The reason being the Social Media personnel needs to inform openly [ofcourse dependent on situation] on the same platform as the complain was received the steps that are taken.

Is your organization ready to take up this challenge? Share your views here. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Are You For Or Against: 'Right to be Forgotten' - Social Media

Are you for or against: 'Right to be Forgotten'  

We know once you Post on the Internet, your matter stays; even if the 'delete' button is pressed. 

'Right to be Forgotten' is the latest debate that is taking its rounds in Social Media. The right to be forgotten is a concept that has been discussed and put into practice in the European Union (EU) (most notably France) and Argentina in recent years. The concept stems from the desire of an individual to ‘determine the development of his / her life in an autonomous way, without being perpetually or periodically stigmatized as a consequence of a specific action performed in the past.’

There is discussion about the viability of the elevation of the right to be forgotten into the status of an international human right due to the vagueness of the concept. There are concerns about its impact on the right to freedom of expression, its interaction with the right to privacy, and whether creating a right to be forgotten would decrease the quality of the internet through censorship and a rewriting of history.

What is your take?

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Friday, July 4, 2014

3 Points To Remember When You Are Looking At Social Media

You do hope to use Social Media Marketing to the best of your capacity and to its optimum use. Social Media may look easy; which it is! If you have the patience and the perseverance then Social Media will not remain a mystery.

Strategy is all about what is to be done and what is not to be done. Here goes the basics:

  1. Remember Social Media is not about Sales Bombardment. No one wants to connect with a Page that keeps on giving out sales oriented messages. 
  2. Great that you are on Social Media - however it is not a race to get more people joining you - it is not a popularity contest. 
  3. Social Media is not about overnight success. If you think that your sales should soar up in a week's time then you might as well not be here; you have not got it right as yet.
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