Friday, October 31, 2014

Generation Y - Helping Them Positively To Define ThemSelves To The World - Social Media

Do you know your customers’ tone of voice and the nature of their feelings expressed online when all you have is text? Think about it. Members of Generation Y can be difficult to impress, so Brands must deliver positive emotional engagement to keep their attention. These are the new Millennials. Millennials are defined as those born between 1980 and 2000. This Generation namely Generation Y is without doubt one of the most challenging group to market to. They span from a wide range of life stages, from those starting secondary school to those with spouses, children and mortgages. So, do they have a general Trigger Point? Can you say that a Single Positioning Thought can actually create an Action? Your Desired Re-Action?  

Think of someone close to you who figures in the Y Generation. Notice that they are not really impressed by things that otherwise would impress those a little older. Reason is simple yet hard hitting: They are so inundated with adverts, messages and clever headlines via their multiple digital devices that they are not seeing things for first time as such. They take it all in their stride. They expect that the Brands to do more to impress than the regular nitty gritty.

This does not mean that the regular Marketing efforts are to be withdrawn - infact they need to be there to create the required noise - however much more is required. 

What you need to do: 

Make them Feel Special. 
Make them Feel Privileged. 
If they are on Facebook on your Page there is a reason. It is not to see what they may have seen on Hoardings; that brings in boredom or rather a 'Blind Eye'. 
It is about delivering something that makes people Feel Better About Themselves
It is about Helping them Positively Define ThemSelves To The World. 

Now think about what succeeds like never before - A Movement, A Cause, A Reason To Rebel In A Good Non Violent Way! And why not utilize the Social Media Platforms for this?! 

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