Friday, March 6, 2015

Will TSU Come Close To Facebook? - Social Media

TSU , pronounced Sue, has had a solid backing from venture capital  company Sancus Capital Prive who invested $7 million. 50 Cent and NBA star Carmelo Anthony even jumped onto the social networking platform and so has the public.

No doubt it is a fact that Facebook is a more established Social Networking Platform but Tsu is different in that it wants to reward You the user for sharing their platform. They aim to do this by giving you a revenue share from the advertisements they display. You can join the social media network through a friend or family members unique short code

The concept of Tsu is very simple and was in fact modeled after revenue share payout of YouTube. The only difference is that Tsu is a Social Networking Platform that is open to all types of media (pictures, videos, audio, etc). So instead of getting paid on YouTube for having views, you can get paid on Tsu for having views to the media and content you share. The more engaging your content, the more it gets shared, the more  money you make. Tsu has the #Hashtag capability.It enables you to check out Analytics on your Various Posts as well. Most of the Users on Facebook tend to stay within their own timeline [Home Page]. It looks like Tsu is definitely paving the way for Social Networking exploration by using #Hashtag searches. Here’s How You Get Paid  on TSU: Tsu pays out a whopping 90% to it’s users who are creating content and sharing posts. While the company  itself keeps 10% of the total revenue it earns from the display advertisements. Tsu works a lot like Network Marketing in that it’s referral based and there are levels to their payouts. Except your organization is not called a team, it’s called a “Family Tree.” 

So let’s say you invite someone to sign up to Tsu. Anyone that creates an account using your unique link will become your 'children' and are now a part of your Family Tree. Then when those users refer others to the platform, they will become their children and will be your 'grandchildren,' thus expanding the growth of your Family Tree. The good part is that You have total control of your network and they want to pay you to grow it! They do this using a unique algorithm that pays out the family tree of children and grandchildren based on tracking and measurement metrics. 

According to their FAQ page, Tsu uses what they call the  “rule of infinite thirds” to distribute the revenue generated from user content and then takes it’s 10% cut from the total share. So let’s say that I created a really awesome video and it got a ton of shares and I made some money, but I joined under you. Well you would earn one-third of the revenue from the video that I made after Tsu has taken their cut. And whomever you joined under, would get a third of a third of that revenue, etc. If that sounds confusing and you’d like some numbers, let’s use the $500 example.Out of $500 earned on Tsu,  $450 would be shared with the users. So let’s assume that there are three users who have shared and re-shared content, the revenue would be distributed like this: Simple Explanation as an Example: Say for instance, I create an awesome video that earns $500, but after Tsu takes their 10% cut the total revenue would be $450 remaining. Which means that I would take 50% of $450 which equals $225 profit. The first user who shared my video would earn one third (33.3%) of the $450, tallying their profit to $149.85. The next user after that who shared the re-shared content, would receive an 11.1% share of the original $450. Their commissions would be $49.95 since their a third of a third, and so on. Tsu is a unique Platform in that it combines the revenue sharing concept of YouTube with a Facebook like twist. 

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Obtain Your Invitation/invite NOW! &; BEGIN EARNING WITH THIS SOCIAL NETWORK SITE! Click Here:  New York-based Tsu, which looks a lot like Facebook at first glance, only takes 10 percent of the ad revenue it generates, passing the other 90 percent back to users like You. The idea is that content creators, not just the platform provider, deserve to reap the monetary benefits that come with having an active user base. On there is mainly below methods to earn money. The first one is “Inviting people to the Tsu network“. 

On users own their all content and own their network which means you can build up  your own referral tree via inviting new people to the network. Therefore if any users came to the platform via a user’s short code or invitation, then inviter will earn a portion of the money from newly invited individuals and from their Social Network (Referral Network). 

Simply what you have to do is invite friends to join under your referral code. Here is a example to how this referral algorithm works, lets say there is 3 users call A, B and C User
A invites user BUser B invites user C,User C invites user D So the network is like A;B;C;D 

Part 1 – So lets say $100 of earned revenue is generated based on the content user D shared (photos, videos, status updates, etc.) 

Part 2 – As Tsu say 90% of earned revenue go to the users. In this case, $90 of the $100 is shared with all the users and  Tsu will  take 10% of the $100 for platform fees. In this case it’s $10. 

Part 3 – User D, the original content creator takes 50% of the $90. In this case its $45 and User will C get 33.3% (1/3) of the original $90 generated. In this case its $29.70. then the  User B gets 11.1% (1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9) of the original $90 generated. In this case its $9.99.  And the top  User A will get 3.70% (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/27) of the original $90 generated. In this case $3.33