Sunday, April 19, 2015

Facebook Testing New Name Pronunciation Feature - Social Media

Pronouncing a person's name in a correct manner is one of the key socializing manners. How many times have you pronounced someone's name incorrectly. This falls even more true across countries and continents.

Just the way you pronounce your name you would want others to pronounce it well. In the OnLine World we all make number of friends, contacts and connections. Often you may have wondered on how exactly are you to pronounce the new Friend's name.

There are situations in the OnLine World where we may be in good, almost daily, contact with the prison from another continent and we have no idea as to how should one pronounce their name.

Here comes Facebook at your rescue! Facebook is testing a New Feature which will let your current and future Friends know the correct way to pronounce your name. Interesting!? According to a report in Yahoo Tech, a limited number of users have this feature activated so far on their Facebook Profile Page.

The function is been rolled slowly.

You can check if this feature has been activated on your Profile Page by logging on to Facebook through your web browser. You will need to head to Profile > About. In the list of sub-menus, click on ‘Details About You’ section and you will notice a new option called ‘Name Pronunciation’ with a break down of your name and a small play button, to play back the pronunciation.

Facebook gives around three suggestions for the pronunciation. If you aren’t happy with them, you can suggest your own.

As Facebook puts it “We’ve begun a small test of a feature that lets you indicate how your name is pronounced. The pronunciation will be displayed on your Profile along with an option for people to click to hear an audio playback. For now, we’re focusing this test on English speakers in the U.S.”

So Social Media still has surprises right?

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