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Should Your Movie Be On Tsu [A New Social Networking Platform] - Social Media

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Soon after Ello came Tsu – [pronounced as Sue] Social Networking Platform. Very similar to the way you would have the look and feel of Facebook.
Tsu keeps growing on an exponential basis. If you check out the Alexa ranking for the website, the growth curve looks like a hockey stick, the true sign of a website that is going viral. It has already cracked the top 2000 websites in the US and it shows no sign of stopping, this all happened in a month’s time.
The one key difference between Facebook and Tsu is that, Tsu Company is sharing 90% of their advertising revenue with their user base. It’s structured on a multi-level sharing format that’s similar to how Amway works so people have an incentive to share an invitation to their friends and post fresh content. You actually can’t go to and sign up; you would have to go to a URL with a user name like This gives people an incentive to tell others about the service and post original content.
The service is like Facebook a few years ago, this also means that they are not filtering your NewsFeed currently, and this leans to an Engagement which is very high right now. You will be seeing engagement that is at a minimum of 10X greater than Facebook. Since Facebook is showing your posts to just under 2% of your audience with a typical Page, you actually only need a very small Audience to reach the same amount of users here.
Forrester published a report – November 19, 2014:
A study conducted by the firm from earlier this year found that posts from top brands on Twitter and Facebook reach just 2% of their followers. Engagement is even more measly: A mere 0.07% of followers actually interact with those posts.
No one can be sure how long Tsu Company is going to last but it is worth taking advantage of them now. There is Toyota, McDonald’s, Samsung etc in some format out here on TSU.
Since the Platform rewards with monetary benefits for Posting and Inviting Friends – this means that if your Post is good it can go Viral even better!

  • Keep Facebook and Twitter no matter what [things can change soon!]
  • Least you can do is book your space and name on and sign up and book your Brand Name; you would have to go to a URL with a user name like

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