Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10 Tips To Gain More Followers On Twitter! - Social Media

Gaining Followers has become a Trend. Many People see the Number of Followers as a benchmark of Popularity and 'Good Branding'. 

However there is no use of having a million Followers when your ROI is not going anywhere. Infact if you do have lots of Followers do a quick check and see if they are Genuine Humans or Fake Accounts and Bots.

Social Media is about Relationship, be it Twitter, Facebook, the recently launched TSU [which has over 2 Million People] and so on. It is about Interaction. 

  1. So the first Tip is: Count your Interactions. Get People to Interact. Not just plain Follow. 
  2. #HashTags do not really generate a lot of Following. Surprising? Yes, it is fact that #HashTags is good for a time bound conversation. It is not for gaining Followers. Have interest based conversation and see how people will join you. 
  3. One most important thought: Stop Self Promotion [Yourself and / or Your Brand]. 
  4. Stop right there if you are going to 'copy paste' replies. Specially the Customer Care: 'We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, we understand.......' Stop this right there. How have you treated Customer A differently from Customer B on a Platform called Social Media?!
  5. Reply and respect people if they have Tweeted about You or Your Brand. One of the best is to Re-Tweet. This gives everyone a chance to be seen. 
  6. Please provide useful information. Your people will definitely cherish a 140 Character of value! They will 'favorite' your Tweet! If more then give the Link.
  7. Do not be anonymous. People interact with People not with Robots and just a Logo.
  8. Location [Not your complete address or whereabouts which can be a little risky] however it is good to know from where you are. 
  9. Ranting away Negative thoughts is not atall the way to go.
  10. Be Positive, Be Transparent, Be Human, Be informative, Be Social!

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