Friday, December 11, 2015

Calculations To TSU - Will You TSU Or Not - Social Media

TSU receives 10% of the revenue your content generates in order to cover the costs of doing business.

After that, 50% remaining earnings are paid to the user who created and shared the content.

The other half of the remaining earned revenue is distributed to the user’s network Family Tree in thirds.

As a user on Social Media Platforms, your content and interactions are valuable. On TSU, you will get paid for your content.

Half of your earned revenue is in the form of royalties generated by the content you post.

Sharing content on TSU is as simple as any other Social Platform. Sign up, post your status, photos, or videos to your page, and engage with your friends as little or as often as you’d like.

TSU users are users just like any other Social Media Platform. You get online to share content with your friends, family and business network.

The more you Post and Share, the greater your potential to earn some extra money.
The content you share is forever tied to you and you earn 33.3% of the revenue they create in perpetuity and about 11% of their audience’s income that they make forever.

Hope over and say hello to me on TSU

For example, say user 1 invites user 2 to join TSU. If user 2 decides to join, user 1 gets paid. Then, if users 2 decides to stay and invites user 3 to check out TSU, both user 2 and user 1 get paid—and so on.

TSU has created an algorithm as to how it shares advertising revenues with its users. 

To explain in more detail:
10% go to TSU
50% of the remaining 90% [i.e. 45% of the total] go to the content creator
The remaining 45% is divided between those that directly invited the content creator to join TSU [the content creator is considered a 'child' in TSU terms to the person who invited them], the person that invited your 'father,' and finally the person who invited your 'grandfather' in a diminishing calculation that they call the 'rule of infinite thirds'.

In other words, there are two sides to monetizing one’s TSU presence: Creating content and recruiting others to join the network and hope that they generate revenues with their own content that you will be able to share in. It is this 'recruiting' aspect which is unfortunately working against TSU by giving it a bad name.

You should promote your TSU presence to your other social networks and communities [but Do Not overdo it]
Within TSU you should be genuinely engaging and developing relationships with similar-minded users
You should search for and follow/like others that fit your target demographic
Your content should ideally be unique and at least geared towards the unique TSU community.

Your Turn: Will You TSU Or Not?!