Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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What'sApp Brings In ‘Starred Messages’ Feature And Has Prolonged Free Subscription Period - Social Media

Now here are 2 updates on What'sApp. The much used App. 

1: Introduction Of Stared Messages
2: Free Subscription Period extended. 
Why is this taking place?

1: What'sApp introduces ‘Stared Messages’ Feature that lets you bookmark important messages. What this means is if so far you were taking Screen Shots of important messages then you do not need to do that anymore as per the company. All you do is 'Star' it or BookMark it in other words. Later when you need the message you simply 'Sort / Filter' it out.

As per the sources it started with 'WhishList' demand that the Company has fulfilled. 

The Starred Messages appear in the Contact information section as a separate folder and tapping on the messages listed here will take you exactly to the chat when that particular message was sent. So, you no longer need to do scrolling and no more screenshots as well. The Starred messages also appear in their own section in search results.
What'sApp will probably have to work on its other features as well. 
2: Currently it has prolonged the Free Subscription Period.  
Great move. Why is this taking place? Is there Competition catching up? 
I assume the Competition is here: WowApp. Here is a short Preview on this latest Application which has got people joining it:
WowApp is free and shares over 70% of its own revenue/margin with you. From what you earn you can donate to one of the 2,000 Charities in 110 countries or cash out for yourself. The choice is yours! 
What's unique about WowApp?
1. Earn while you socialize: They share over 70% of their own revenue with the community
2. Use your earnings to do good through Charity
3. Cash out for yourself to a bank account, credit card or PayPal account
4. Call worldwide at the lowest rates; free WowApp to WowApp audio and video calls
5. Private Mode: get the best privacy feature where messages are deleted automatically when you end the chat

Want to take a quick look? Here it is

​Considering these features what is your take - will What'sApp survive in a market which is still evolving .....