Saturday, February 13, 2016

Indian Forum Where India Meets - Social Media

Social Media has gone a good length ahead. These days Bitcoins are being looked at. I would call that as Social Currency. Similarly while new avenues are being created the old ones are getting reformed and better. The age old messenger has now many Apps developed by many people. This has now come onto cell phone as well. It is not that you need to have a huge investment when you begin your OnLine Earning journey. Nor is there the need to be a geek at all things computer. 

Today am sharing with you one Forum that is really working fine and has got many participants as well. 

The Forum has no spam. It enables and encourages people to discuss and give honest opinion. There is no slash back if you hold a different view point. In addition to all this is the Forum Admin People - they are extremely hands on and answer very politely and with focus communication. 

This Forum is essentially around India - having said this it is not that registration of members is limited to Indian Citizenship. All over the world people can join in. The topic of discussion revolves around India. And this does not mean just politicizing issues.

There are Indians sharing their view on Indian Rituals which sometimes are cruel and so on. You do not get banned if you say and state your honest view. If you like a particular Indian Dish then go ahead and share it. If you want a Recipe request for it!

There are different topics like: 
India News, 
Indian Cuisine, 
Indian Culture, 
General Chit Chat, 
Movies and Entertainment and so on.

Add to all this the Forum Pays you - yes you get paid to write onto the Forum. Just that for the sake of few pennies do not go spam or chat unnecessarily. Post things that you will like to read yourself and really get involved in. You get paid to write a New Post, New Thread, New Poll, Per Page View and much more. 

Am sharing here the link of the same - please be sure that you will be giving quality Posts. Indian Forum Where India Meets Here You Earn As Well: