Saturday, April 2, 2016

Stop ' Sales Driven Call To Action' On Social Media

We always learnt that a 'call to action' is required. This 'call to action' would almost certainly be in terms of sales. Well in Social Media try doing that - your audience will block you out. 

A repeated 'call to action' for Sales is most certainly not for Social Media. If you and your Brand keep screaming about how good your Products and Services are then be rest assured you have already been blocked. 

Social Media is about Relationships. People have started turning a Blind Eye to the various Banners on the net - similarly the moment they will feel that 'there is nothing for me' then you will be ousted out. 

Instead give people what they want. Give them information on 'how to'. Give them general information. Except for probably your Logo there should not be anything with Sales of yourself or your Brand. The moment you start to sell or to that extent even mention your products and services your audience suspicion level will increase. Soon they will not trust you at all. 

You need to build credibility for Yourself and your Products and Services. This can happen only and only if you give them Content that actually is useful for them. Content that appeals to their emotions. Content that makes them want to share with their network

So go on and give them Content that they will value - Do not sell.