Friday, May 5, 2017

The Scammy ​OnLine ​Earning Career World

cenario has now extended onto Android and  IOS platforms. Infact there is a whole new opportunity opening up.

There is opportunity for advertising and building relationships along with opportunity to earn.

​A couple of years back earning from the ​internet was thought to be a very scammy situation. Where either you get cheated or you yourself are the cheater. To believe that a person could be doing real work was unbelievable and not conceivable. To further understand that the person is earning was an impossible thought. 

Initial days saw the boom of web developers and internet systems managers. 

Infact online earning was seen as a trouble spot in career. It would be seen as failure, laziness, since one works online - one does not have a good level of experience and lack of goal, ambition. Everything negative with regards to earning and career.

Having said this, the internet was seen as a knowledge bank were you find information about almost anything. 

Later on the online world opened up to trading sites and freelance sites. There were tiny specs of business building up. Consumers were able to earn via sites that paid to view advertisements, paid you to take surveys etc. Essentially earning from here was seen as waste of time and did not make sense to many.

Still the respect especially for freelancing was much awaited. Sooner or later the bloggers were seen as passionate people who wanted to express but to earn from blogging was again a far off imagination. Add to this if one were to say that one was in a career of blogging then that would be seen as too much of a dreamer. 

Soon the brands caught on and there was a plethora of brand and company websites. Created only for information. The internet was taken by a storm. 

The gaming industry was already on a high. One space that was booming since its inception and is still booming today as well.

Much later in time and date came the Social Media platforms. These started off with a bang. It was all about being connected to people whom you knew and being connected to people that you did not know and perhaps will never know in the brick and motar world. 

And then came the brands, companies and business houses trying to figure out on how best can internet be helpful in expanding their business. Soon the idea of procuring new customers and retaining them came about. Well the meaning of retention here was backed by building relationships. From hereon the possibilities of earning and career started to get focus. In the initial days Social Media lagged behind as the top management of companies were not really active on these platform. It was given to a trainee to handle until one day people realized that it is part of the whole branding exercise and a crucial one at that.  However once the top management got into it Social Media became a serious business. With this opened Blogging once again to gain respect. 

Freelancing now is a career option that people do regard with a lot of hope. The good news is that the online world is no more seen as dubious set of individuals.

The world has only grown. Now extending itself onto the Android and IOS platforms. Staying with you on your cell phones. There is a huge earning opportunity not only as App Developer but you earn as a basic user of couple of Apps. There are plethora of Apps that you can now start to earn from. 

For The Brands and Business Houses the Customer Care and Customer Relationships essentially the acquisition and retention along with enhancement of relationship is coming on in a very big way for Brands via mobile Apps. Apps are extensions of Social Media.

We have arrived in a time where earning from the internet and mobile Apps is highly feasible. Not that there are no more scams; those will co-exist. However the opportunities to earn has grown. You can earn from freelancing and openly mention that you are a full time freelancer. 

Over to you: What is your way of earning from the internet and the apps that are seen around these days.