Monday, March 30, 2020

Social Media - Logos Way Ahead

Social Distancing has surely got reflected in the Brands. Certain Brands have rightly shown solidarity with the thought and oneness with the Consumer and Society at Large.

A decision to tamper with the Logo is naturally not taken in a day. It is a lot of thinking. There is a lot of empathy built in here. This could also be a build up for the future path to bring in a lot of flexibility in the Logo. A Logo that was fixed and around which festivities were shown now could perhaps have festivities bursting out of it if everything goes well.

‘Never play with the Logo’ norm may be re-looked at from an angle of not distortion but yes from an angle of ‘spark, to construct the same and bring in conformity’

Well, Distance brings us closer. The single point of magnetic gravitational pull that gets all formations actually bursting from it but yet rooted still to it. The Connecting center of the Logo.

So your turn go on tell me, where from here. Do you think a whole new life for Logos to take off?

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Social Media - A Site That Tells Your Age In Your Photo!

Here is a website that tells you your age. Or let me put it as, it has algorithms that sense your photo and the tell your Age that you look in the photo. 

Microsoft engineers Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian developed the site to test out the company's new face-detection API. [API is Application-Programming Interface is simply a set of computer instructions that allows a program to interact with a website]. When they were testing their face-detection API, they were hoping for, at most, 50 respondents to use the technology. The response was overwhelming. More than 35,000 tried it just in the first few days to see if the site could guess their age and gender. 

Here it is: